Publix 6/14 – Paid $3.47 on $92.66 of Merchandise (96.3% Saved)

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I really enjoyed today’s trip to Publix. I got everything on my list, plus I bought some things I wouldn’t normally buy without coupons. My out-of-pocket was so low today I decided to splurge (plus I was hungry when I made the shopping list this morning.) I still have plenty of coupons to shop the sale again before it ends. In fact, I couldn’t buy more than what I bought today because the freezer is at absolute capacity. We really, really need to thaw some meat and do some grilling this weekend!

Here’s the full list of what I bought along with the coupons used. Note that I made two trips through the line so I could use two $5 off $30 Publix Breakfast Sale coupons.

Used two $1/1 Breyers, MAGNUM, Klondike or Popsicle Novelty product Publix printable coupon, Best Meals Happen At Home Email
and used two $1/1 Yosicle produce manufacturer coupons (zip 33712)

Used one $0.95/2 Hot Pockets or Lean Pockets Sandwiches printable coupon (zip 33712)
NET PRICE FOR ALL: $2.83 (or $1.41 each!)

Used one BOGO Mrs. Paul’s or Van De Kamp’s Parchmentbakes printable coupon

Used one $1/2 Simply Potatoes coupon, 6/3 RP newspaper insert
NET PRICE FOR ALL: $1.59 (or 79 cents each!)

Used one $1/1 Breyers, MAGNUM, Klondike or Popsicle Novelty product Publix printable coupon, Best Meals Happen At Home Email
and used one $2/1 Magnum printable manufacturer coupon

THREE VOSKOS CRUNCH YOGURT, on sale $1 (regular price $1.75)
Used one $1/3 Voskos Yogurt coupon, Publix Yellow Advantage Flyer
NET PRICE: $2 (or 67 cents each!)

FIVE SNAPWARE CONTAINERS, on sale 50% OFF (total for all five after sale = $9.97)
Used five $2/1 Snapware coupons, 4/29 SS newspaper insert

Used one FREE ZonePerfect Bar home-mailed coupon

No coupons used
NET PRICE FOR ALL: $3.49 (or $1.74 each!)

ONE BAG OF KANGAROO PITA CHIPS, regular price $2.99
No coupons used
NET PRICE: $2.99

ONE SABRA HUMMUS FAMILY SIZE 17 OZ, regular price $4.99
No coupons used
NET PRICE: $4.99

FOUR RED GOLD DICED TOMATOES, on sale $1 (regular price $1.39)
Used one $2/4 Red Gold Tomatoes Publix coupon, Yellow Advantage Flyer
and used two $1/2 Red Gold Tomatoes printable manufacturer coupon (no longer available)

Used two $6/2 Nature Made Vitamins Publix coupon, Green Advantage Flyer
and used four $2/1 Nature Made Vitamins printable coupon (no longer available)

I also used two $5 off $30 Publix Breakfast Sale coupons to knock off another $10 from the total.

Total Retail Value of All Merchandise: $92.66
Special Price Savings (Sales/BOGOs): $29.50
Coupon Savings (Store/Manufacturer): $59.69
TOTAL PRICE PAID FOR EVERYTHING: $3.47 (plus $1.17 sales tax)

Savings Rate (excluding tax): 96.3%

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  1. Cindy C says:

    Nice one!!!

  2. AshleyAshley says:

    Great job!! & yes, I agree my freezor is so stocked right now I might wait until Monday or Tuesday to do this sale cycles shopping. I will say it feels nice to know I have a stocked fridge! =)

  3. :) Your grocery haul looks almost exactly like mine this morning. There was no way I could pass up all the amazing bogos and freebies at Publix. Today was my first attempt at using a ton of coupons combined with sales and it was fantastic. I spent $5.88 on $104.26. This web site helped big time. I’m very grateful. It was fun but it was overwhelming…not to mention the Publix associates had not put up all the sale and bogo signs yet and there were no new weekly ads on the racks in the store so i had no way of knowing if I was picking up all the right items…and when i handed the cashier my coupons she looked ticked off and told me that she doesnt mind all the coupons but that “people like me” make those in line behind me angry. Yeesh! I find myself apologizing profusely when I haven’t done anything wrong. How does one deal with that?

    • If I have a bunch of coupons, I let people know that they would be better off in another line. And if someone only has a few items and they get behind me, I let them go first if the cashier hasn’t rung up any items yet.

      Other than that, it is what it is and I bet it is worth only spending $5 ;)

      • I find myself apologizing as well but when I spend $5 for over $100 worth of groceries for my family, they can wait. The other day I went shopping early in the AM when it was empty. There were 2 registers open and no1 in line. When the cashier was scanning my items people started lining up so they opened another register. Another person lined up behind me and instead of going to another register she became nasty and I mean nasty. Usually I apologize and suggest they go to another register but she was so nasty that I just ignored her. She was saying “OMG! How much longer? I can’t believe this. This is ridiculous.” “You done yet?” Finally the cashier shot her a look and said Mam I am almost done. The lady started grabbing things that she had put on the conveyer and throwing them back in her cart. Then she finally gave up and again instead of going to another register she screams “I WILL COME BACK WHEN I HAVE MORE TIME!” leaves everything there and runs out the store. I was just so shocked. People can be so nasty. But you know what? She would have spent 10 times more than I did because in that trip I got $250 worth of groceries for on $14! She is the one who lost out.

    • they are just lazy and jealous, don’t sweat it!!! i even make sure when i have the people behind me drueling over my savings to make sure i say “i do work fulltime and have four kids” :) they always assume that i sit on the couch and not work, ummm, if i did not have to work “yes i would be sitting on the couch with my laptop on steve’s site” :) i have had a few women give me looks at their hubbys are hitting them saying “omg, look she is saving so much money and the men will start a conversation with me”. oh well, i will say this is more work than my own job but it is so well worth it and very fun to find a great sale! thanks steve :) i always let everyone cut me, i pass out extra qs and i always tell people of the good sales coming up.. yesterday i ran into publix to get one thing and this mom and daughter were looking at the breyers, i said “don’t buy that today, go to mickey d’s for a sundae today and come back tomorrow with the target qs $1.50/2 when this bogo sale starts!!!!

      • Hey Laura -

        I did almost the exact same thing two weeks ago when an older couple was eyeing the Peter Pan the day before the new BOGO sale started :)

        • That is awesome.. Back when I bartended I made incredible money I literally spent 350~450 every four to five weeks without hesitation or a gripe, lmbo now I am determined to spend that or less in one month with my family of six including meats and feeding my summer babysitters too… It is a challenge now but your site helps out the most than any others =)) thanks

  4. Ann-Marie says:

    Love the trip. I printed the Red Gold tomatoe coupons this morning. The SnapWare coupons must be regional, I didn’t see them in our SS in NE FL.

    • I often try to find a coupon that I have for a product the person behind me in line have, usually when I give away coupons people aren’t so angry about waiting for my transaction.

  5. Stephanie says:

    Were you able to confirm if the gas card deal is in the Tampa Bay area ads?

  6. Tanya Salmon says:

    Im so excited about the parchment bake deal but i’m really afraid to try to use the bogo coupon with a bogo sale! You should have seen the looks i was getting last night when i just ran in to grab two of the bogo raviolis with 2 $1.50 coupons. =< They make me feel like a thief…

    • Don’t be afraid. You’re allowed to do it.

    • Don’t feel bad. The store gets refunded by the manufacturer, they’re still making $$

    • Shannon says:

      I was told by Publix they get paid money on the free item so by you using a coupon they make more money than if you walked in without a coupon & did a normal bogo.

  7. Is anyone having trouble signing up for “THE BEST MEALS HAPPEN AT HOME” I have been trying to sign up with them for a while now and can not manage to get past the DOB!!! I put all my info and it says that I “need to fill in all required fields” in which the DOB is what they say is wrong. Can any one help me?

    • Someone else contacted Publix corporate and they added them to the list manually. You may want to try that.

      • I have two emails, mine and my hubbys, I have searched everywhere and I can’t find any possible emails from them as it says I am registered with them, lots of great deals I an losing out on =((

        • You should definitely contact Publix ASAP, especially if you want to take advantage of the Yosicle or Magnum deals.

  8. Tanya Salmon says:

    YaY! Thanks for the encouragement! I was able to snag 4 boxes but I still got very annoyed looks. Guess I have to just get a backbone if i want to coupon! =D

  9. The Mrs Pauls parchment hasnt reset for me since the last time Publix did the bogo

  10. I signed up for the BEST MEALS AT HOME when it started but i have yet to receive anything on either of the emails I put in. Can anyone email the coupons?

  11. question: The Best Meals Happen at Home coupons…I signed up twice under 2 accounts and still have not received my coupons. How long did it take for you to receive them? Thanks.

  12. Just got another e-mail from the Best Meals Happen at Home. I am sooo happy. My last e-mail was deleted before I got a chance to print it. I was able to print with this new one! Yeah for me! Yummy popaicles and Magnum for my family’s treat this weekend.

    But, I get a little frustrated when I see how much more we have to pay here in Tallahassee. Magnum are $3.50 per box not $3.00 and the Popsicles are $4.59 not $3,65 so no money makers but still great deals!

    • There are two different Magnum deals. The minis are $3.50 per box. The regular Magnums 3 ct should be only $3. But yeah, that stinks about the Yosicles :(