My friend Fred’s first week of couponing – funny story ;)

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Fred has been a friend of mine for about ten years now. We met years ago at an internet marketing conference and have done business deals quite a few times.

Fred knew that I started a coupon site some time ago, but he wasn’t really aware of how much money I was saving and how popular my site had become. So one day when we were chatting about business in general, I told him that he should give it a shot and write about his experience starting from scratch. Most of us that have started coupon blogs did so after going through our growing pains, but Fred’s blog began with his first couponing experiences. (Fred’s blog is Print Great Coupons.)

So when Fred called me up to let me know about his free fish oil, Brainstrong and Lansaprazole at Walgreens, I said something I probably shouldn’t have said to a newbie high on savings for the first time.

Check out what I jokingly suggested to Fred and what he did after I said it by reading his article, “I’m drivin’ in my car” – When Couponing Becomes an Addiction. I think you’ll get a little chuckle, but it will probably remind you of one of your first couponing experiences. It certainly reminded me of one of my first weeks as a couponer.

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  1. Milissa says:

    hahahahahaa. Oh well, damn gremlins clearing the shelves. More embarrassing would be to pull up to your friends house with your car disheveled with boxes of vitamins and stacks of register rewards in the passenger seat. Next time, use the gps on your phone and score yourself some free depends, guaranteed to save time before the gremlins come out and clear the shelves!

    I think the internet needs a coupon fail site or a fml couponer site. It would probably rule my life in between the stacks of books I have to read..

  2. Jennifer says:

    That’s a great story!! I can laughingly say, “Been there, done that!” I’m located in the northern suburbs of Detroit – wonder if he stopped by one of my stores – ha!!

  3. Melissa says:

    ROFL that was good. I do not have a dozen stores in a 10 mile radius (at least, I do not think I do, I refuse to allow myself to Google it!) but I regularly have to resist the urge to stop in at Walgreens on my way to/from publix (usually because its too hot for whatever I buy to sit in the car while I am in the other store!) Too bad you didnt talk him into this a week earlier, last week at Walgreens was SO much fun! MM’s for the ecotrin, great deals on Listerine and toothpaste.

    You will let us know when he gets his first Free Depends, right?

    • Of course, but you should check in at his site once in a while just in case I forget.

      I’m sure Fred will use his first free Depends shortly after he gets them ;)

  4. monica k says:

    too funny, I think we all some ocd in us,when it comes to couponing. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose..

  5. Ramos46 says:

    Classic Newbie! Glad he shared his rookie plans and I hope he continues to write about his ‘journey’! Will he roll his RR’s? What happened to the Brainstrong? Where are the 24hour Walgreens in his area? Why doesn’t someone become his coupon buddy? How will this end? Will he become addicted or was this a one shot ‘deal’? Arrrggghhhh!

  6. Love it! I have been couponing for about a year and still feel like a newbie! Will love to read more about his experiences. I can safely say, most if not all of us have been there. I still resist the urge to buy too much mustard when on sale. Really, how much mustard can one family eat.

    • Hahahaha I would have the same problem if my Publix doubled coupons, but the mustard deals never seem to be good enough to go overboard here ;)

  7. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the deals you post, but sometimes I think this website has turned into a PRINT COUPON website. I know you make $ everytime someone prints a coupon from your site, so I completely understand why you would make it a large part of your content, but it seems like printing coupons has taken over!!! I can’t possibly print all of the great coupons that come out….sounds like your buddy is trying to start a website that focuses on PRINTING COUPONS TOO.

    • I don’t make money on all the coupons that are posted. For example, the post earlier today about the coupons does not generate any money. That post was merely for informational purposes. Only 5 of the 14 coupons on the Nature’s Own post generate money too. In fact, about half of the posts with printable coupons over the past few days are posts which generate no revenue whatsoever. They simply provide information so people can pick what they want.

      My goal is to provide as much information as possible and let you all decide what to do with it. To some degree, I suppose this is a “print coupon” web site. But, in my opinion, it’s much more than that too. You will find as new writers come on board you will see additional deal matchups and scenarios, because there is a finite number of printable coupons to list, while the quantity of deals and scenarios are virtually endless.

      FYI – I don’t think you should print every coupon I post. I typically print about 1-3 coupons per day unless it is the first day of a Publix sale. On those days I go a little crazy if necessary. I think folks should print the coupons they think they will use, plus I think they should probably speculate a bit and print high-value coupons if they think a freebie or moneymaker deal may materialize.

  8. cookinmom says:

    At least he didn’t have to worry about a potty break!!