My Friend Fred’s Big Walgreens Fail!

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A few weeks ago I posted a link to my friend Fred’s web site, Print Great Coupons. For those of you who do not remember, my friend Fred is a beginning couponer and he’s blogging about his experiences on his new web site.

The first time I posted about Fred’s site, he wrote about “when couponing becomes an addiction.” It was a post about his crazy hunt for some hot Walgreens Register Rewards deals. Well, Fred had another fail this past week at Walgreens. You can read about it here.

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  1. monica k says:

    Poor Fred!
    Not completely his fault, Walgreens is notorious for not having ample product on the shelf. ( Except it seem where you shop : )
    Every week I swear is going to be my last time , but I get suckered back in a deal. LOL
    Thanks for all you do and keeping me on track.

    • You’re welcome. He’s just going through his growing pains. We’ve all been there :)

  2. I went to wags yesterday…..I made mistake but I did not know firsthand. I got 2 coopertone sport spray, mq and in-store and rr $10. then got 3 bayers and two aleve, used mq for those items and one filler (V8) so I used RR 10.00. I did not get another $10 RR, I asked manager about this issue. She told me that both are from same company apparently I lost RR 10.00 on bayer and aleve. I wish I could not use first time from coopertone. GRRRRRR!

    • There must have been some other issue, because I use the Bayer RR to buy the Coppertone and another $10 RR popped out. Is it possible one of your Bayer/Aleve products was too small of a box?

      • Im with Steve there has to be another problem because I did the Bayer deal, then the Coppertone, then the Gillette and had no problems my $10RR printed fine…make sure you have the correct product and the amount hits the $20 or over.

      • no….it was not….Manager said bayer and coopertone are from same company. so I don’t get RR on bayer because I used RR from coopertone to pay for those. If I don’t then i will get 2 RRs.

        • hmmmm I used a Bayer RR to buy Coppertone and got another $10 RR on that transaction.

          • thats strange!!!! Manager must be not that smart after all. I will return items back at different wags and try again this weekend. Thanks for a head up!

          • You’re welcome.

  3. Melissa says:

    It was a hard week to stock up though even for the good Walgreens stores. Who would have known we were all going to go in there each wanting 7 boxes of Bayer Low Dose Asprin. I was there at like noon on Sunday and I was the last one that was going to get that deal, there were only 9 boxes left out of 3 different areas that had the $3 boxes of low dose asprin.

  4. I did the bayer deal today and the RR didn’t print, 1 bought 4 of one and 3 of another, each 2.99.
    When they rang them up they adjusted the quantity after scanning the first of each.
    When the mng rerang she scanned each one as I thought that was the problem and the RR printed.

  5. Be thankful if you were able to do the Bayer $10 RR… My store didn’t have enough products to do it the 2 times I went during week AND they refused to give a raincheck stating “We can’t manually print the RR$). They said there are 3 couponers that come in and wipe out all their products within 1st day of sale. :( I use to have savings before all the media & website stuff about couponing as I did it for 30 years. It’s sad when people take advantage of buying stuff they don’t need.

  6. I meant to say “buying more than they actually need.”