My Dollar General trip from Hell (6/23/12)

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Most of you probably think I have a big horsehoe up my butt. It seems like I get almost every good deal I hunt, but I think that has to do with the fact that I will shop a sale very early and I’ve done a good job of identifying cashiers that will treat me fairly. It also helps that I have so many Publix, CVS and Walgreens stores nearby that I don’t have the shop at ones staffed by incompetent folks ;)

But that’s not true when it comes to Dollar General. I have one store close to my house and they have always been terrible.

The only thing that was good about today’s trip to Dollar General is that they were very polite. There was no Wisk on the shelf, but a truck had just come in this morning. One of them went back to go grab my four bottles of Wisk since there were none on the shelf. After about 15 minutes of looking for the Wisk, they returned to tell me that none came in, which is thoroughly unacceptable since the shelf tag stated that the item would be on sale through July 2nd.

While I was waiting for the Wisk I went over to grab a few Glade Plugins that were going to be free after my $1.25/1 printable coupon (available here.) Knowing this store well, I knew there would be a problem when I found them on sale for only $1. (Nobody at this store knows how to adjust a coupon.) Sure enough, I was right. They couldn’t even find a way to sell me those either.

The cashier wasn’t mean; she was just incapable. I’m still wondering if I should go pick them up once they go back to regular price. I don’t think I need any more plugins anyways.

So, in case you were wondering, things don’t always work out perfectly for me, although I must admit I seem to be luckier than most.

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  1. Cindy C says:

    You’re too funny, Steve!!

  2. Carolann says:

    I feel your pain! I had one experience last Fall, when they had the Bic pens on sale, and with the coupons they were free. I had the cashier tell me she couldn’t honor my coupons because it would make the items free, and then the store would end up having to close, and she would lose her job, because they didn’t make any money. She actually yelled “How is this store supposed to survive if we give things away like this?” :-/

    • Wow! She needs a little education on customer service skills and how manufacturer coupons work.

  3. Lol at the horseshoe comment!! But that is true with my DG too… That’s why I rarely go there.

    • hehehe I’m not stressed about it anyways. We still have eight more bottles of Wisk and I didn’t need the Glade Plugins anyways.

  4. AshleyAshley says:

    It’s so unfortunate for the retail company these people work for because bad experience usually result in a loss of customers. I can say I too have written some stores off for similar reasons.

  5. I have always had a problem with couponing at Dollar General. The last straw for me was when the manager ringing up my items told me that my coupons were probably fake. I told him I printed them from He said, and I quote, “That doesn’t matter! People upload fake coupons to that site all the time!” I just looked at him and thought…So that’s what stupid looks like. I wrote Corp. and explained how my shopping experience had been. I received a phone call from the district manager whom assured me that he would talk to the manager and straighten things out with him. The next time I went into a Dollar General I had another “fraud” comment from the cashier and at the point I was done with Dollar General.

  6. There is a Dollar General right by my house too. I hate shopping there with a passion. Theg are not coupon friendly and every time I try to do a deal there, I always run into roadblocks. It seems they do everything in their power to not accept coupons. This store often has prices ring up higher than the price tag states. I hate Dollar General. I have complained about this store to corporate several times and it doesnt seem to matter. Their corporate is even right here in the Nashville TN area where I am too.

  7. Steve,
    You need to visit the store during a robbery. I was lucky enough to do just that, and it was amazing how incredibly cooperative the store staff was shortly afterward.

    • You know… even if I could schedule to be there when that happens, I think I’d pass ;)

  8. I think the cashier are rude even without a coupon trip.
    Never had a nice one yet there. Are you listening Dollar General?

  9. Hi Steve,
    Hi Steve,

    I just got home for a second and came to your site to see if I had missed anything while I was gone only to read the first sentence and crack up laughing!!

    What did you do to the Gold Dust Fairy?? Did you get her angry???

    Let me ask you a question….where you shopping at MY store?? I find the same difficulties here!! LOL

    Well, wish me luck…I am heading their way now!! :)

    • Good luck! Hopefully they have some Wisk and manners :)

      • PS They had manners :) (new girl) had just started two hours prior but
        ….no Wisk :(

        Struck gold at one of the CVS I visited – was able to get the last two Nature Made Cholest Off at 75% off – $5.44 – $2.00= $3.44 with a $10 ECB

  10. Melissa says:

    You really should put DG on the same list as Walmart – the completely useless as a coupon store list! You would save yourself a LOT of hassle :). Leave both stores to people who dont care how much they pay for things :)

  11. I had the same issues today.

  12. Yuck – DG is my worst, luckily it’s so far I only go about one or twice a year if I am in the area which is NOT often.

  13. There are too many stores to shop where people are rude, that is why I love Publix. We don’t have any DG’s anywhere near me and I don’t miss them one little bit….

  14. I had a crappy trip to Publix today too. Nothing I went to buy was posted at the price I expected. Had to do some major re-work on my print out! Note to self: Take a calculator to every visit!

  15. Maggie Buerger says:

    I only shop at DG when I’m in the area. Then I shop for my two FREE boxes of Refresh tampons. Yesterday I also bought the only WISK they had left. The clerk said they started the day with a full shelf of the detergent. I had been in the store a week earlier and confessed that I found the tampon coupons inside the box when the cashier asked where I got them. On this trip, she told me a story about a customer who recently stood in the aisle, opening Refresh boxes and removing the coupons. The customer insisted this is they way it is done. But the store refused to sell her the tampons and made her leave. I could tell that both of the boxes I purchased had been secured with Scotch tape. And when I got home, the coupons were still inside. The DG clerk was very nice to me. Ah, she learned to appreciate this couponer. (I think I learned the coupon inside the tampon box from you.)

    • Yes, I think you did, but I am pretty sure I didn’t advocate removing them before purchase. I think I suggested that people use the coupon in the box after purchase to keep getting more for free after the initial purchase.

  16. Thinking Dollar general is really dollar ghetto! Just saying!! Wallmart isn’t far behind!!

  17. I had one of my worst shopping trips at DG a few months ago. Neither the cashier, supervisor or the manager (that they called on the phone) could figure out why the $5/25 scanned but did not reduce my balanceI paid $7.14 from my pocket. They gave me all manner of excuses and refused to redo the transaction and follow the printed instructions on the coupon. After 30 minutes or more of deliberations, I took my receipt, coupon and products, home and did my calculations. Next week Saturday I returned all the products that amounted to 7.14 and got my money back!

  18. I went too but the Wisk they had wasn’t HE- Saw someone in line & handed over my 5 off 25 q and kept walking out the door. Felt like I was at Walmart – such a miserable place.

  19. flavina says:

    just came from DG got 6 bottles of wisk @4 dollars a bottle and a shoe box for 1 dollar should have been 8 dollars before tax ir was 14.25 i asked the cashier because i noticed it took the 12 dollars off the 6/ 2.00 off wisk but did not honor their coupon of 5/25 it took 20 min and a phone call to a manager then they wanted to give me 26.00 dollars in rerfund i told her you only owe me 5 dollars…finally she got it but sh was very nice.

  20. I had same issue at DG tonight… Had (6) of the $1.25 Glade Plug-In coupons that will expire in a few days… Shelf was full so I got all 6… Plus a couple other items I paid full price for.
    The cashier had never entered a coupon before so literally yelled to the back for the manager. He was nice enough and asked what price they were. I said “same price as item.” He said “we can’t lose that much $$$!” I explained they weren’t losing by submitting the coupons. Where do these people get their training at??? I’m think’in “School of Hollow Knocks.” Publix was the pain in the butt…. “you can only use one coupon… you can only have a rain check for 2 items”…. HUH???