CVS 6/17 – Paid $1.36 on $89.56 of Merchandise (98.5% Saved)

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I had a great trip to CVS today. Apparently Pantene is also considered a “beauty product” at my store. When I asked, they allowed me to use a $4/$20 Beauty Purchase coupon from the Red Coupon Machine on my purchase to offset some of the Pantene cost. So you may want to ask your store if it’s okay if you have this coupon as well. Also, when I went in to do the Gillette deal last night, the scanner spit out another $10/$30 Gillette Shaving Purchase coupon, so I used that one on some disposable razors today.

I had almost enough ECBs to cover my entire purchase today, so I lumped everything into one transaction. I did this transaction before getting my newspapers, so I will have to do the Tom’s of Maine freebie later in the week. Here’s the list of what I bought, along with the coupons used:

EIGHT PANTENE SHAMPOOS/CONDITIONERS, on sale 3/$10 *$26.67 total* (regular price $4.99)
FOUR GAIN DISH DETERGENT, on sale $0.99 (regular price $1.67)
TWO GILLETTE MACH3 DISPOSABLE RAZORS, on sale BOGO 50% OFF (regular price $11.49)
TWO GILLETTE SENSOR DISPOSABLE RAZORS, on sale BOGO 50% OFF (regular price $9.99)
Get $10 Extra Care Bucks when you buy $30 of select P&G products (Select Pantene & Gain included)
Used one $4/$20 Beauty Purchase CVS Store Coupon, Red Coupon Machine
and used one $2/2 Pantene CVS Store Coupon, Red Coupon Machine
and used four $3/2 Pantene manufacturer coupons, 5/13 P&G newspaper insert
and used four $0.50/1 Gain Dish Detergent manufacturer coupons, 5/13 P&G newspaper insert
and used one $10/$30 Gillette Shaving Products CVS Store Coupon, Red Coupon Machine
and used two BOGO Gillette Disposable Razors manufacturer coupons, 6/3 P&G newspaper insert (deducted $11.49 & $9.99)
Price at Register: $11.36 plus tax, but received $10 Extra Care Bucks
***Note that I used some ECBs leftover from last week to lower my out of pocket expense.


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  1. how can i do this transaction without the gain? i got all my gain from a store here where they came out free

    • Well, the P&G coupons have a limit of four per transaction. You can add a ninth bottle of Pantene and use no coupons on the last bottle. Or do one transaction with eight Pantene and then do another transaction in another visit with two more Pantene so you can use a fifth coupon. Or you can buy another product included in the sale (perhaps Tide at $5.94 and use a $1/1 coupon on the Tide.)

      Honestly, I think the deal is best with the Gain because it will keep your out-of-pocket lower, even if you do not need it now.

  2. Can you do a scenario for tide and gain Soap? Ty

    • If you want the Tide Laundry and the Gain Dish, you’re going to need to split into two transactions because these coupons have a limit of four like coupons per shopping trip.

      OPTION #1:
      BUY FOUR TIDE, $5.94
      BUY FOUR GAIN DISH, $0.99
      Use four $1/1 Tide 5/13 P&G
      Use four $0.50/1 Gain 5/13 P&G
      Pay $21.72

      BUY THREE GAIN DISH, $0.99
      Use three $0.50/1 Gain 5/13 P&G
      Pay $1.47, get back $10 ECB
      Total Paid: $23.19 – $10 ECB = $13.19 for all

      OPTION #2
      BUY FOUR TIDE, $5.94
      BUY ONE GAIN DISH, $0.99
      Use four $1/1 Tide 5/13 P&G
      Use one $0.50/1 Gain 5/13 P&G
      Pay $20.25

      BUY ONE TIDE, $5.94
      Use one $1/1 Tide 5/13 P&G
      Pay $4.94, get $10 ECB
      Total Paid: $25.19 – $10 ECB = $15.19 for all

      As you can see, it is much more expensive to do the deal with Tide instead of Pantene, but it’s still a great price on Tide if that’s what you need.

  3. I also did the razor deal on the gillette sensor 3 and used the BOGO and a $2/1 gillette sensor 3. I didn’t see any restrictions in the CVS coupon policy about stacking another manf coupon with the BOGO coupon. I know publix doesn’t allow this, but I thought CVS did…your thoughts?

    • Ughhh I can’t find their coupon policy right now :(

      However, I THINK that it is either one BOGO coupon or two “dollars off” coupons. I don’t think you can mix the two, but there may be some variance from store-to-store if the policy is silent. (If anyone has a copy of the policy handy, please share what it says about this.)

      • Glennette says:

        It doesnt mention it at all. However my store’s register beeped & woudnt allow it. Steve why didnt you use the free shave gel coupon when you buy 1 mac disposable coupon to score free shave gel!?

  4. hi steve, how much was deducted in the bogo gilette? past experience with bogo coupon when the item is also bogo was that the cashier won’t take the maximum amount stated in the bogo coupon..only half amount of the i like to use it when the item is not on sale (bogo)..

    • My cashier took the cost of the full price item today. Last night I used a coupon that had a variable amount and they took off the max value, even though it was $4 higher than the register price. It’s truly a situation where your mileage is going to vary by cashier. However, if one tried to deduct the 50% item, I’d have them void those items and give me my coupons back. (I’d then try a different cashier at another time or store.)

      •’re lucky enough you got the full price..i wasn’t lucky when i used my covergirl lashblast coupon, a couple of weeks ago..the cashier only took half price of the mascara and was concurred with her manager..uurgghh…i ended used up all my extrabucks to lower my oop.. the next time i’ll have to void the items and get my coupons back hehe

        • Yeah, you could probably get another cashier that will do it your preferred way if you give it another shot.

  5. CVS will let you use a dollars off coupon with a BOGO coupon as long as it will scan with no beeps. Unfortunately the way some of the BOGO coupons are coded prevents the use of dollars off coupons with them. These particular P&G razor BOGO coupons are coded such. The BOGO Pantene coupon out last month wasn’t coded that way and would allow a dollars off coupon with it. Some cashiers will push through the dollars off coupons, but I was told if it beeps, they shouldn’t be taking them.

  6. Do you know what Pantene items were included in this deal? I bought six Pantene items today and none of the counted towards the Extra Bucks deal.

  7. I did the gillette…great deal…but pantene did not work on the p & g deal …that was a bummer….

    • Hmmmm… I know there were a lot of regional differences this week. I heard that there were at least five different versions of the ad nationwide.

  8. Chelsea McManus says:

    Is venus part of Gillette? And could you do a scenario with venus and the $10/$30?

    • I just saw a scenario for the Venus on another site and yes, it is made by Gillette :)

      I think the disposables are priced at about $12.49 and are BOGO 50% off.

      Buy four at BOGO 50% OFF ($37.47 total)
      Use one $10/$30 Gillette Shaving CVS coupon
      Use two BOGO coupons from the 6/3 P&G (may deduct the full price ones $24.98 total OR half price ones $12.49 total)
      Best case scenario: $2.49
      Worst case scenario: $14.98

      And if you’re lucky, your store may allow you to use $2/1 Venus coupons from the 6/17 SS on the ones you are paying something for…but that varies widely by store, so your mileage will vary. Hope that helps!

  9. I live in bluffton, sc and try to fo the pantene deal but it did not work they said maybe could be in a diferent region…. :(
    I will call the 1800 to find why.

    • Make sure you grab a copy of your weekly ad and check it when you go into the store. I mentioned in the posts that there are some regional differences this week. You should return the items if the deal doesn’t work out right. (Ideally you would check the ad first and avoid the mess of buying and returning.)

  10. hello :) i received a 20% off on beauty purchase coupon in my email. categories haircare & accessories, etc. Are pantene shampoos and conditioner supposed to be included? It does not say that ‘sale’ items are excluded..