Walgreens 5/16 – PROFIT $5.94 on $11.94 of Merchandise (149.7% Saved)

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I made a quick stop into Walgreens yesterday, but I can’t show you a picture of everything today because some of it has been consumed ;)

I was hoping to find the Raspberry Pomegranate Starbucks Refreshers, but they still only had Strawberry Lemonade. I tried it again and it didn’t seem as bad the second time. In fact, I drank one last night and one this morning, and that’s why there are only four in the picture.

I did six identical transactions: Buy one Starbucks Refresher and use a FREE product coupon from the 4/29 Pepsi Moments to Save insert. I paid 7 cents of sales tax, but received a Register Reward for 99 cents each time. Excluding the sales tax, I made a $5.94 profit :)

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  1. Anna Jarvis says:

    I thank you I thank you I thank you!!! Mine finally got some more in. Got 8 today!!! paid .07 for each. Woop woop and got the register rewards. Your time is greatly appreciated.

    • Nice :)

      • Does anyone if I get a rain check for an item that would produce a register reward, will it still print when i use my rain check? i can’t find these starbucks drinks anywhere and would like to take advantage of this deal.

        • It’s not going to print. Walgreens doesn’t control the RR machines themselves and what they print. They are operated by a company called Catalina.

  2. How did ya’all get more than 2 coupons for this offer?

    • I bought a ton of newspapers that week and my store doesn’t care if I do a deal more than once as long as I don’t wipe ‘em out. To keep getting the RRs I did separate transactions.

      • Ronda M says:

        i got a ton of free local newspapers…….i had to give away at least 20 qs. because I couldn’t use them all before the exp. date. I love the pom raspberry. My fave! CVS has them and you don’t have to pay the tax there. I did hang on to my last 8 so I could do them at wags. My favorite cashier did them one at a time so I could get all the RR’s. I gave her a can for alway being so patient with my coupons. :) My wags only had the orange. I also left some on the shelf as the 4 other stores I went to were wiped clean.

        • My CVS was out of the Raspberry too. I guess I shouldn’t have told all my locals how much better that one was compared to the other ;)

  3. Wags in NOVA are either wiped out of those drinks or sell 1 per day per customer. I had 7 coupons and called one store yesterday and was told that I can use all of the 7. When I got to the store with my sis and we were about to pay for them, a manager showed up and told that we can only purchase 1 can per person. He did not honor the fact that one of his cashiers just told me over the phone that I could use all of my coupons. He told me to come back on Sat, and if he has any left I can get them. How annoying!!!!