Publix 5/4 – Paid $2.57 on $45.38 of Merchandise (Saved 94.3%)

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I’m pretty happy with this trip, even though it was small. I wasn’t even planning on getting the zucchini, but I had to because I found such small packages of Smithfield Ham (one of them was only 3 cents after the coupon and sale!) I’m planning on shopping this sale again to use up the rest of my ham coupons, but this was a small trip to get the week started.

Here’s what I bought, along with the coupons used:

ONE PACKAGE OF ZUCCHINI, on sale $2.68 (regular price $3.58)
No coupons used
NET PRICE: $2.68

TWO BOXES OF PUBLIX PLANTAINS, on sale 3/$4 (regular price $1.59)
Used one $2/$2+ Publix Frozen Food Purchase coupon, 4/29 Tampa Tribune
NET PRICE: $0.67 (or 33 cents each!)

Used two $1.25/1 I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter printable coupons (zip 33712)
NET PRICE FOR ALL: $0.45 (or 22 cents each!)

Used two $1/1 Hormel Compleats Kids Meals printable coupons (zip 33712)
NET PRICE FOR ALL: $0.50 (or 25 cents each!)

No coupons used
NET PRICE: $1.45 (or 72 cents each!)

FOUR CRAVE CAT TREATS, regular price $1.49
Used two BOGO Crave Cat Treats Publix printable (look for the “Return the Love” booklet under “Additional Ads” when viewing your store’s weekly ad and then find the coupon in there and print OR find the booklet in your store.)
and used two BOGO Crave Cat Treats printable manufacturer coupon

TWO SMITHFIELD SMOKED HAM SLICES, on sale $2.03 & $2.96 (regular price $2.71 & $3.95)
Used two $2/1 ANY Smithfield Ham, 4/1 SS newspaper insert
NET PRICE FOR ALL: $0.99 (or 49 cents each!)

Used six $1/1 Hefty EZ Foil Publix coupon, Spring Gatherings Booklet

FOUR PLUM TOMATOES, on sale $0.86 (regular price $1.29)
No coupons used

I also used a $5/$30 Winn-Dixie coupon (Enjoy the City)

Total Retail Value of All Merchandise: $45.38
Special Price Savings (Sales/BOGOs): $15.35
Coupon Savings (Store/Manufacturer): $27.46

Savings Rate (excluding tax): 94.3%


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  1. AshleyAshley says:

    Go Steve Go Steve. Totally mimicking this post later tonight or tomorrow.
    As always – Thank you !!

    • FYI for your planning purposes – MOST of the Smithfield Hams run about $3.25-$3.75 each. I got super lucky to find a few cheaps ones. So dig around and see what you can find :)

  2. maggie says:

    I did not know the Smithfield was on sale, maybe I overlooked it,but I do have 2 Q’s for them! Even for $1.5 I will be happy but I will be digging :-)

  3. lauren says:

    The Crave treats are a moneymaker… 4/15 RP has $1/1 bag

  4. Hi Steve,

    Did you see my email amongst your 1000 other emails, on the Oscar Mayer Cold Cut Deal?

    Currently it’s BOGO Free . I paid 1.49 for 2lbs or .75 a package for 1 lbs.

    Here’s the Deal incase you decide to go back:

    The Deal:
    Print (2) of the $1/1 from this site. ( Need to click near the bottom to print your coupon, don’t click “Next”)
    and use (1) $1/1 off Oscar Mayer in the Publix Yellow Flyer.

    • I am way behind on my email from the last 24 or so hours. Right now just trying to keep the blog current through tomorrow. I’ll check it out and post later tonight or tomorrow if it looks good. Thanks for the tip.

      • And $1.00 coupon in Publix Yellow Flyer is for 2 Ocscar Mayer Selects 9oz or Selects Beef or Turkey Franks- 15-16 oz. It’s not match at all, and manufacture coupon is not match too.
        I happy that your store takes any coupons which have name Oscar on it. Mine doesn’t want to take even appropriate one. I have to spend 25 minutes in check out, they double checking twice everything. :)

  5. Correction.
    The link I sent you on the Oscar Mayer Site above does not work: But this one should.

    Sorry about that.

  6. In what package are they selling it? I saw only Oscar Mayer Smoked shaved Ham or Turkey in 1 pound bag.

    • Hi Tala,
      My Publix has both the shaved ham and Oven Turkey 1lbs each. These were BOGO and the coupons allowed for these items..

  7. I was pretty disappointed with my Publix re: the crave cat treats. I had 3 of the Publix coupons and 3 of the bogo manufacturer’s coupons so I was going to buy 6 which I thought would be free. She said I would have to get 12 packs so they wouldn’t be free. I didn’t argue as they went and asked the manager. I decided to just not get them. I purposely didn’t go to a certain cashier because she is a coupon hater who always makes me feel like crap so I went to another one who I didn’t think was like that, but after the cat food deal came up, it was like she changed into a coupon hater too! I bought several bottles of Pantene and she just started slinging it to the end…you could obviously tell she was irritated she was having to deal with all of my coupons! If I hadn’t spent so much time getting my trip ready and stressing dealing with my 3 year old in the store, I think I would have just left all the stuff there and told her to give me all of my coupons back!

    • You should write an email to corporate or call them about this experience. Or better yet, leave a message on their Facebook page. Your cashier was absolutely, positively wrong on the Crave deal. The Publix policy allows you to use one Publix and one manufacturer coupon for each item. Your scenario was 100% correct.

      • Yeah, but when you do that, then what does corporate do? I don’t want to tick off all the cashiers, managers, etc. and totally dread going grocery shopping. Apparently, even their manager doesn’t know the rules! It’s a pretty small town, and probably wouldn’t take much for them to figure out who complained. Don’t know if my 6 freebies would be worth it. :(

        • I have complained and the store manager called me to apologize (after getting reprimanded) and I’ve never had a coupon issue at the store in question since the incident. Add in all the future deals you will get by complaining and it may be worth it.

          • I agree with Steve. You will get great results from posting on their Facebook page as opposed to emailing. It puts the issue in a public forum. I did that on an issue I had with a grocery manager and got immediate results.

  8. Milissa says:

    IBINB: maximum of two identical coupons allowed in the same shopping trip…….. Yet I see so many people posted on iheartpublix with their weekly totals with 50+!!!!!!!!!!!!!! butters. SCREW YOU PEOPLE!!!!

    Frickin read your coupons. Clearly, I know we all make mistakes but the shelves are cleared at my Publix oh but once again. How sad is it that I have to get rainchecks for every bogo item? Ahhh!!!!!!!!

    • 50+ butters? Isn’t ICBINB, Country Crock or Smart Balance BOGO every week (or every two weeks?)

      • 50 ICBINB…WOW!! I thought my getting 6 was excessive….

        • I’ve never seen anything like that on IHP. Plus I have used more than two identical coupons, many times but I don’t clear the shelves. I have no less than 6 Publix stores within a 3 mile radius. I tend to go to the stores in nice neighborhoods where there are less couponer type people like me so, there is usually a good supply of all BOGO items on hand.

          I’ve only went crazy on one BOGO and that was dog food on the last sale. My dog is now set with food for many months. If the sale comes along again with the right matchups, I will do it again, in a heart beat.

          • Milissa says:

            Seriously my Publix which is 1 mile from my house has at least 15 extreme couponers. I have witnessed on multiple occations woman just piling bogo items into their carts just bc they know it’s cheap/free. Most weeks I feel like taking pictures of the wiped clean shelves. I buy at most 4 items of something and I don’t judge if you need it go for it but if you are going to donate it wait till the last day of the sale so people that don’t use coups or buy small need amounts can get what they want.

  9. Milissa says:

    Pshhhh I seen a blog the other night with a purchase of 50 benefuls from one store.

  10. there is a great sale on Clairol Natural Instincts right now in the clearance shelf for $4.00 a box(reg $8.99) i have -$2.00 per one box and -$5.00 off two boxes…..i ended up paying only $2.00each..:)