Publix 5/2 – Paid $0.07 on $74.49 of Merchandise (99.9% Saved)

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I had a really good experience at Publix tonight. I wanted to buy eight Benefuls, but they only had four left. The customer service rep wrote me a raincheck for ten more! (Now I just need to find more Publix coupons!)

This caused me to shuffle things up a bit. I had to buy a few different things and I ended up using a $5/$50 home-mailed Publix coupon instead of two $5/$30 coupons. That’s ok though; those $5/$30 coupons from Winn-Dixie cost money and I’d like to hold on to them.

Anyways, here’s what I bought and the coupons used:

Used one $2/$2+ Publix Frozen Food Purchase, 4/29 Tampa Tribune Newspaper
and used one $3/2 Jose Ole printable manufacturer coupon (no longer available)
NET PRICE FOR ALL: $0.99 (or 49 cents each!)

No coupons used – We needed one for Taquitos and Stephanie needed two for a recipe
NET PRICE FOR ALL: $4.35 (or $1.45 each!)

Used four $2/1 Beneful Publix Paws printable coupon
and used four $2/1 Beneful manufacturer coupon, 4/29 SS newspaper insert

FOUR HORMEL COMPLEATS KIDS MEALS, on sale $1.25 (regular price $1.99)
Used four $1/1 Hormel Compleats Kids Meals printable coupons (zip 33712)
NET PRICE FOR ALL: $1 (or 25 cents each!)

TWO V8 FUSION SMOOTHIE 36 OZ, on sale BOGO $3.99
Used two $1/1 V8 Fusion Smoothie printable coupons (zip 33712)
NET PRICE FOR ALL: $1.99 (or 99 cents each!)

THREE SILK FRUIT & PROTEIN QUARTS, regular price $2.50
Used three $0.75/1 Silk Fruit & Protein Publix coupon, Spring Gatherings Booklet
and used three $0.75/1 Silk Fruit & Protein manufacturer coupon, 4/15 SS newspaper insert
*** I went to grab the $1/1 printable before I left and it was GONE, so I had to use the newspaper coupon!
NET PRICE FOR ALL: $3 (or $1 each!)

FOUR SUNDOWN NATURALS VITAMINS (A & D3), regular price $3.29
Used two $5/2 Sundown Naturals Publix coupon, Green Advantage Flyer
and used two $1/1 Sundown Naturals manufacturer coupons, 4/15 RP newspaper insert
and used two $1.10/1 Sundown Naturals printable manufacturer coupons

I also used a home-mailed $5/$50 Publix store coupon.

Total Retail Value of All Merchandise: $74.49
Special Price Savings (Sales/BOGOs): $23.72
Coupon Savings (Store/Manufacturer): $50.70
Final Price Paid for Everything: $0.07 (plus 76 cents tax)

Savings Rate (excluding tax): 99.9%
Savings Rate (including tax): 98.9%

Extreme Couponing Tip: You can usually get two prints of most internet coupons. To find them in the easiest possible way, use our preclipped links that take you right to the coupon. Then come back and click the same link to get your 2nd print. This will save you the time spent searching for the coupon.

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  1. Milissa says:

    Kitty wants to try some Beneful…

    • I should have shot some video. She was rubbing on the bags! Whenever I start arranging a picture she runs over and jumps on the counter (and starts rubbing stuff.)

  2. I’m hoping to get as good at couponing as you – thanks for posting!

    • Well, this was easy. I had the Beneful moneymaker, plus I was able to find a few bottles of vitamins when I got into a jam because they didn’t have enough of the Beneful…plus I didn’t have any fresh meat or produce in this trip.

      I had some good deals and good luck. It’s not always like this.

      • Milissa says:

        Yes, so true. Do not expect your family to want to live off of fruit milk and Taquitos. Of course that is if you aren’t giving them Beneful…..wait…

        • I don’t know what I’m going to do about these frozen food coupons. I have about five left and almost no room in either freezer.

          • Milissa says:

            Hang out in the frozen food department and hand them out:)

            I seen a lady and her son walking around Publix with a calculator and no coupons! I thought dear god, how can you shop here on a budget with no coupons?! I gave her the Sweetbay $10.00/50 coupon. I think I made their year.

            Whenever high value coupons are out, I find joy in walking around the store and giving them to people that are buying the products.

          • I’ve done that with the Sweetbay coupons too ;) I don’t know about the frozen coupon though. That coupon is just so good. Maybe I should buy some Jennie-O Ground Turkey 1 lb roll = $2.79 less $2/$2+ coupon = 79 cents for a pound. As my bro would say, “It’s like a sore peter.” (I hope you don’t ask me why.)

          • Briana says:

            Send them over here, I just bought Morningstar yesterday without the $2 off frozen coupon, kinda killed me haha!:) Can you only print 2 Publix beneful coupons? I have no use for dog food, I’d be happy to print and send them to you I also have one from the SS insert that I have no use for.

          • Even though I’d love the coupons, I think it is a really bad idea to send people printed coupons or to use printed coupons people send you. You never know if you have the only copy if you’re on the receiving end (and they all have unique cereal numbers), and you never know if the recipient is going to make copies (and it will trace back to you if you are the original printer.)

            So, even though I wouldn’t do anything wrong with your coupons, I can’t encourage that. However, I really, really appreciate your offer ;)

          • Butterfly25 says:

            serial number* lol

  3. Tried those Jose Ole Taquitos and thought they were gross. Guess I was spoiled on real TexMex food growing up. Tried to give them to my two labs and they just growled at me and walked away!

    • I haven’t had them in years but I remember liking them. Of course, back then I weighed 310 lbs and loved all junk food ;)

    • I stopped eating them when I found a bone fragment in one Ugh.

  4. Bernie says:

    I bought 40 Tampa Tribunes this past Sunday not knowing about the frozen food coupon and….wow. The largest amount of papers I have ever purchased prior to this was 6.

    I was buying the 40 papers for the Beneful Q’s.

    We have a very small fridge in our apartment and have it stuffed with almost all free frozen stuff.

    Also, cashed in on the free Starbucks refresher drink coupons from the Pepsi insert. In my opinion, we hit the mother lode on last Sunday’s coupons. Our 22 year old son loves the drinks.

  5. Marjorie says:

    Steve, you would think that I would learn not to read your site while I’m eating because chances are you will write something hilarious that will make me either spittake, or choke on my food. And PS, the Silk Fruit and Protein drinks are sooooo delicious. Gonna get some this weekend!

    • Apparently you figured out the punch line I didn’t write ;)

      BTW, I had a little swig of the Mango Peach one as I was putting them away. Yum!

  6. I wish we had Publix in NOVA :o

    • Jennifer says:

      I know – I’m always jealous reading these posts in Michigan. We never have BOGO that good here!!

  7. ashley says:

    I am new to couponing and would like clarification on your Sundown purchase. How can you use two different manufacturer coupons, the two $1.10 and two $1 which are both manufacturer?

    • I bought four items. I just had two of one manufacturer coupon type and two of another. I used a total of four manufacturer coupons on four items (one for each item.)

  8. Briana says:

    Trace back to me?! No thanks, haha I had no idea. Shame there’s scams out there, I’ve never traded or bought coupons and I’ll stick to that method…no more leaving coupons next to products either!! BTW amazed at your shopping trips, keep it up!

  9. I also pass out coupons that I am not going to use in the grocery store. People always appreciate it and better then have them go to waste. I also leave them on shelf by item but always wonder if a pUblix employee sees them whether or not they toss.

    • I caught a Publix employee once coming along behind me and picking-up the coupons I was leaving on the shelf. When confronted, he embarrassingly admitted that he was told by store management to police the shelves and remove all coupons. I wasn’t surprised because I have had several issues in the past with this store’s management and their negative attitude towards coupons. Now I just avoid that store if at all possibe. In comparison, my favorite store will actually cut coupons out of the yellow flyers and tape them to products on the shelf.

  10. Milissa says:

    I think eggos are on sale this week. You could get yourself some free french toast… Use the Publix $2.00 coupon and the $1.00 mq from = 2 free eggo products!

    But, since you two are still diet, I would buy the turkey log……Where does your publix sell the “turkey log.” I use to buy these during my undergraduate degree….They are gross looking can make

    Turkey tacos
    Turkey meatloaf
    Turkey spaghetti meat balls……..

    with it…

    Or buy the Mrs. Pauls parchment bakes…They are pretty small packages.

    I would buy the Edwards single serving pie…muahahhahahaa
    Free pie? YES PLEASE

    • The Jennie-O Turkey logs are by the Jones Dairy and Brown & Serve Sausages in the frozen section at my store.

  11. I’m waiting patiently on this weeks Publix match ups :) I’ve already shopped once, but I’m sure you’ll post something I didn’t know about.

    • I am so buried right now and I have to leave the computer for a while. Sorry, but it’s going to be really late. I might not even shop the sale until tomorrow.

  12. Ronda M says:

    so bummed I missed the beneful money maker. Wanted to donate to the shelter but didn’t get to. :/ oh well.

  13. Cathy Stewart says:

    the crystal light is bogo at 3.49. I have two bogo free coupons. Can i use bogo free coupons when an item is already bogo? If so, how? Can someone help me out and explain. Thanks!

    • Yes, you can. If you live in an area with a TRUE BOGO (one full price, one free), you can buy four and use two BOGO coupons. All four items will be free.

      In other places with a 50% BOGO (both half price), you can buy four and use two BOGO coupons. Two items will be free and two will be 50% off.

  14. Hi I want to know how do I go about getting the Home-mailed coupons that you used in the above shopping trip article? could anyone help me out with this, I would really appreciate it…Thank you so much.