Publix 5/13 – Paid $27.81 on $98.14 of Merchandise (71.7% Saved)

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Stephanie loves LaCroix so much that this week was bound to cost us money out of pocket. It was also a chore to track down enough coupons to buy the fifteen 12-packs. I already had twelve from the beginning of the month because we had two different $1/1 coupons; I grabbed a total of four each from three computers. But then I had to scramble to get three more via Facebook on other computers.

Today we both did two transactions each for a total of four transactions. We each did a $30 transaction and used a $5/30 Winn-Dixie coupon, and then we both ran through the line again so we could each use a second $2/$2+ Publix produce purchase coupon. I’ve lumped everything together below, but I split the produce deals so you can see how we hit the $2 mark with items below $2 each.

Here’s what we bought, along with the coupons used:

Used six $1/1 LaCroix 12-pack printable from – no longer available
and used nine $1/1 LaCroix 12-pack printable from Facebook
NET PRICE FOR ALL: $29.90 (or $1.99 each!)

Used four $1/1 Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing manufacturer coupons, Publix Spring Gatherings Booklet
NET PRICE FOR ALL: $2.90 (or 72 cents each!)

ONE REGINA WHITE WINE VINEGAR, regular price $1.99
No coupons used – she needed it!
NET PRICE: $1.99

TWO JELL-O TEMPTATIONS 3 CT, on sale $2 (regular price $2.89?)
Used two $1.10/1 Jell-O Refrigerated Snack printable (zip 33712)
NET PRICE FOR ALL: $1.80 (or 90 cents each!)

ONE HEAD OF ROMAINE LETTUCE, regular price $1.99
ONE JALAPENO PEPPER, regular price $0.10
Used one $2/2+ Publix Produce Department Purchase, 5/13 Tampa Tribune newspaper
NET PRICE FOR ALL: $0.09 (or 4 cents per item!)

ONE HEAD OF ROMAINE LETTUCE, regular price $1.99
ONE JALAPENO PEPPER, regular price $0.11
Used one $2/2+ Publix Produce Department Purchase, 5/13 Tampa Tribune newspaper
NET PRICE FOR ALL: $0.10 (or 5 cents per item!)

ONE PACKAGE OF CELERY, regular price $1.69
ONE LIME, on sale $0.34 (reg price unknown)
Used one $2/2+ Publix Produce Department Purchase, 5/13 Tampa Tribune newspaper
NET PRICE FOR ALL: $0.03 (or 1 cent per item)

ONE PACKAGE OF BOK CHOY, regular price $3
Used one $2/2+ Publix Produce Department Purchase, 5/13 Tampa Tribune newspaper

We also used two $5/$30 Winn-Dixie store coupons (on separate transactions)

Total Retail Value of All Merchandise: $98.14
Special Price Savings (Sales/BOGOs): $31.13
Coupon Savings (Store/Manufacturer): $39.20
Net Price Paid for Everything: $27.81

Savings Rate: 71.7%

Extreme Couponing Tip: You can usually get two prints of most internet coupons. To find them in the easiest possible way, use our preclipped links that take you right to the coupon. Then come back and click the same link to get your 2nd print. This will save you the time spent searching for the coupon.

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  1. I know that it’s a store / cashier variant… but last night at my Publix, I had two transactions to use up the bakery $2/2 coupon and the lady suggested I combine it into one transaction. She said that a guy the other day used 100 of them in one transaction (I know she was probably exaggerating), but you might want to check with your cashier first before going through the extra transactions and lines and what not. :)

  2. You are so amazing at your transactions.!!! In my opinion, spending $27.81 to save 71.7% is pretting outstanding!!!! If you add up what you’ve spent the last month on groceries, you’re AVERAGE is MUCH lower than mine…and probably a lot of other folk’s too!

    • I think it’s good too since I think we bought everything except the white wine vinegar at a stock-up price, even if we didn’t have any good MMs to offset them. I had all those LaCroix coupons and I’m guessing that we might not see a better deal before they expire. (I could be wrong.)

  3. shannon says:

    So w/ the 2/2 publix coupons does it mean $2 off any combined produce purchase totaling @ least $2 or $2 off 1 produce item priced $2+? I never thought to ask because I thought it was off of 1 item costing $2+.

    • It’s not explicit on the coupon one way or the other. I think some stores could suggest that it has to be one item, but the coupon doesn’t say that. We went through the same line for the two big transactions and we went through two different lines for the last two, so three cashiers handled the coupons and none of them had any issues at the store where we shopped today.

  4. Great Job Steve and Stephanie!!

    Also if you bought the Hidden Valley Farm House Orignal Dressing this will allow for overage. I used Publix coupons( Spring Gathering) stacked with SS 4/26 and found some more in SS 5/13 .
    (Although still partial to the Hidden Valley Ranch Original) =)

    • Hey Nida,

      The Spring Gathering booklet coupon is actually a manufacturer coupon :(

  5. Hi Steve,
    If you want to build a pyramid with that La Croix Sparking Water there are more coupons to print at zip code: 92101. .. TEE HEE.

    • Oh cool! I thought the ones were gone! Might have to go stop by my bro’s house and print off a few more coupons :)

  6. Hmmm My publix took them all. I guess I got lucky. Did not realize this until you pointed it out. Thanks. =)

  7. Last Comment: I found some $2/1 Silk coupon at this site:
    Going to use it with the .75 coupon in the publix gathering to get my Fruit/Protein drink. These are

  8. Steve, I love La Croix so much (thanks to the last BOGO sale a couple months ago) that I printed out 4 coupons and ordered 17 from ebay. I only have 1 puter so I had to resort to extreme measures. :) Supposed to be getting my q’s Mon or Tues, so I will be well stocked up on La Croix for a while. It’s amazing how quickly you can go through them! LOL

    • Hey Morgan,

      It is very dangerous to buy printable coupons online or accept them from a source you do not know personally. There is no way to know if they have been reproduced. Of course, seeing my roommate’s reaction to LaCroix makes me understand why you may go to extreme measures.


      • milissa says:

        A lot of people just go to their public library to print off IP coupons. I think it cost .10 a print? I have not done this but the cashiers at Publix tell me that is what most extremes are doing..

        • I’ve never tried the library mainly because my closest branch is always packed in the computer lab and I have the patience of a gnat. :)

      • These that I bought were not internet printables. They were manufacturer coupons that were available in another state (somewhere out west). There was a pic available that I looked at before making the decision to purchase. I agree with you that it’s dangerous to buy internet printables from someone you don’t know!

  9. patricia says:

    I love your shopping trips, these are by far my favorite of all your posts. I hope that you continue to do them because to me its the best way for me to learn how to save money! Plus you shop at Publix which is where I shop and I know alot of couponers shop. Also, alot of the coupon blogs don’t do very many shopping trips they just post coupons or repost deals that 100 of the other coupon sites post which is disappointing.

  10. Question Steve. I have a Publix raincheck for a BOGO item and the CSR wrote 10 on it. Does that mean that i can get 20 items or just 10? It does say on the raincheck limited to 10 items or less. Thanks in advance.

  11. Hey Steve, I just printed the la Croix coupon from using zipcode 90210. It didnt reset so it only works if you never printed it =) hope this works

  12. FYI- Snapple on sale for $1.0o each, use -1.50 off /2 coupon from the Spring Gathering booklet and spent $0.50 for two… i love Snapple and have 20 so far………………..:)