Great steaks or FREE steaks at Walmart – New (and easy?) 100% money back guarantee!

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OK, this is an interesting development and I am going to put Walmart to the test. I don’t think they can satisfy me; they rarely have.  In particular, the meat at my local Walmart was a horrible disappointment (when I used to buy it in my pre-couponing days.)

Walmart has issued a press release (see it here) in which their VP of Fresh Meat and Seafood for Walmart U.S. said:

“Walmart now offers top quality USDA Choice steaks at a great price,” said Scott Neal, vice president of fresh meat and seafood for Walmart U.S. “We encourage customers to try the new USDA Choice steaks at Walmart’s everyday low prices, even if they haven’t considered Walmart for their steaks in the past. We believe in our new steak so much that we’re offering a full refund if a customer is not pleased.”

The press release goes on to state the following:

100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

Ready to put your taste buds to the test? Walmart is so confident that customers will love the top quality USDA Choice steaks that the retailer offers a 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee. If customers aren’t fully satisfied, they can just bring back the receipt for a complete refund.

I think I’m willing to accept their challenge. I’m not easy to please, and they don’t have a track record of pleasing me. I think I’ll end up with a sub-par steak for free and a protracted fight to get my money back. Anyone else want to give it a shot? (And if I do like the steak, I’ll acknowledge it and won’t seek a refund.)

By the way, if you’re going to accept their challenge, I strongly suggest you print out this press release.

Thanks to I Heart the Mart for sharing this info.

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  1. Milissa says:

    So…….do you return with the receipt and the stomach ache or do you have to write the corporate office for a refund?

    • Milissa says:

      BTW Sams Club has a 200% money-back guarantee on their steaks…….

    • Supposedly you return to the store with the receipt and vomit on the customer service desk.

      • Milissa says:

        I’ll tell you what……Walmart sucks at coupons/price match. BUT, during my undergraduate degree I had to take a business statistics class over one summer and I bought the $120+ calculator, used it, and returned it after the class was over (within 90 days).
        That store will take back anything! OF COURSE in no way am I condoning this or even saying my actions at that time were proper…………………

        The moral of the story is… throw up in a bag and return it with your receipt..for your full money back…….

  2. Good luck. I personally dont think walmart is worth it. Always too much hassel. Never satisfied me either

  3. Marsha R says:

    I read a year or so ago; There was a study about the use of Formaldehyde as a preservation method for meat on the news. Walmart, Target and others were on the list to stay away from. They are usually packaged in black treys and top sealed at a previous location, then shipped to store locations. I will try to find article.

    • I remember that, they even did a 20/20 episode on this practice…mentioned WalMart by name.

  4. No way I will be taking that chance, I don’t want any food poisoning!

  5. I only purchase the organic ground turkey from walmart, 1 pound for 3.28 but not Walmart brand. Haven’t shopped there lately since I have learned so much couponing since 50% of the time depending on cashier they always find some way to give me a hard time on coupons for no reason. Yesterday I discovered not all Walmarts have the same prices. I stopped in at another yesterday and the same item was .80 higher.

  6. Good Luck Steve, if your Walmart is like the ones by me. They wont have what your looking for anyway

  7. WalMart…Ikes.I am afraid to eat their meat…the quality can start out good, but then after the employees handle it, no telling what state the meat winds up in. Makes me sick to even think about eating anything not prepackaged from WalMart…I was told by one vendor, that they (the vendors) are concerned, because WalMart will leave product sitting out and not refrigerate it in a timely manner when it hits the stores…I am afraid after hearing the Oreida potato people. I had a batch of tat tor tots that was really in poor condition, purchased from WalMart, called Oreida, they told me to not expect much from WalMart…the VENDOR told me that…I had to laugh.

  8. lol…I did score a stackful of free coupons…and new insight … I called to see if I was cooking the tator tots correctly.