Publix 4/1 – Paid $1.13 on $79.15 of Merchandise (98.6% Saved!)

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It’s always a good night when you score a half Kentucky Legend Ham for free!We had an awesome trip to Publix on Sunday night, but I’ve just been so busy with all the new coupons and deals that I am just posting about it now. I went out on Sunday night to see if the Carefree moneymaker was as good as thought and I found a shelf with probably 60 or 70 items that fit the deal. I had originally only planned to pick up a few, but when I saw that many I decided it was ok to buy ten.

Stephanie came along for the trip too and when I saw the size match on the shelf, the Pantiliner Party commenced ;)

TEN CAREFREE PANTILINERS, regular price $1.27
Used ten $2/1 Stayfree Ultra Thin or Maxi Pads, 14 to 18 ct., Carefree Pantiliners, 16 to 60 ct., or O.B. Tampons, 40 ct. Publix store coupon, Publix Green Advantage Flyer
and used one $1/1 ANY Carefree product, 3/18 SS newspaper insert
(Note: If you need more Carefree manufacturer coupons for this deal, get a $0.50/1 printable coupon here (zip 33712.)

ONE KENTUCKY LEGEND HALF HAM, on sale $19.44 (regular price $21.60)
Used one $2/$2+ Fresh Meat Department Purchase of $2 or more Publix coupon, 4/1 Tampa Tribune
and used $2/1 ANY Kentucky Legend Whole, Half or Quarter Ham or Turkey Breast or Bacon manufacturer coupon (zip 33712)
NET PRICE: $15.44

Used two BOGO Ocean Spray Juice manufacturer coupon (zip 33712)

Used five BOGO Diet Dr. Pepper 2L hangtags
(Note: Cashier entered them for $1.99 max value. I had two hangtags left from bottles bought previously and found five more on an end-cap, so I grabbed three more)

ONE ALLEGRA ALLERGY 5 CT., regular price $6.49
Used one $7/1 Allegra Allergy coupon, 4/1 SS newspaper insert

TEN ALPO DOG FOOD CANS, on sale $0.65 (regular price $0.75)
Used one $1.50/10 Alpo Dog Food Cans manufacturer coupon (zip 33712)
NET PRICE: $5.00 (or $0.50 each!)

I also used one $10/$50 competitor coupon

Total retail value of all merchandise: $79.15
Special Price Savings (Sales/BOGOs): $18.59
Coupon Savings (Store/Manufacturer): $59.43
Total Price Paid for Everything: $1.13 (plus $2.43 sales tax)

Savings Rate (excluding tax): 98.6%
Savings Rate (including tax): 95.6%

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  1. Ronda M says:

    Awesome! You just reminded me that I forgot to look for the hang tags!!! Dang it! :)
    Good idea on the ham!

    • I went to another store that had them this afternoon and there were none left, but Steph is set on her Diet Dr. Pepper for a long time anyways. I stick to water and the milk from the bottom of the cereal bowl. Might try some Diet Ocean Spray we bought yesterday.

  2. Steve,

    Do you mind telling me what Publix has the Dr. Pepper hang tags? I’ve been to six different stores in Pinellas Park, Largo, Clearwater, Palm Harbor and Tarpon Springs and none of them had the hang tags.


    • Ahhh you’re at the wrong end of the county. The hangtags were at the 31st St S & 54th Ave S store in south St. Pete (near the Skyway Bridge.) There were a couple left this evening (buried at the back of a shelf), but I’m sure they will be gone soon (if not already.)

      • Thanks – had a pretty decent trip even without those. I took your advice and contacted Pepsi via email and they sent me $.50 off any Pepsi product coupons : )

        Thanks again for all your help!

  3. I noticed you used ten $2/1 Stayfree Ultra Thin or Maxi Pads, 14 to 18 ct., Carefree Pantiliners, 16 to 60 ct., or O.B. Tampons, 40 ct. Publix store coupon, Publix Green Advantage Flyer. Do you ask them for a bunch at one time? or does your store have them laying out to grab?

    • My store has them on the carousel with the weekly ads, although they are right next to cashier lane #1. As long as you are respectful, you can take what you need, but I’m sure they’ll kneecap you with a crowbar if you try to take the whole stack ;)

      • I can just see the 6:00 news: Woman hit with crowbar by Publix customer service associate for grabbing too many Advantage Flyers. Injured woman comments: “I just wanted the green one’s so I could buy a bunch of pantiliners before my coupons expired!”

    • a few times publix has been out of the yellow or green advantage flyers just when i have needed them. customer service/cashiers have them and will use the code for your purchase as many times as you need based on how many you buy, i have had one manager tell me they prefer customers to use only one multiple times when buying so many of one item , to save on paper and not waste flyers. this applies to publix coupon only.

  4. Hi Steve!
    Thanks for the update! I was surprised they let you ring up 10 carefree at once. I divided my orders into 4′s just in case. I looked at spiral hams tonight and they are sooo expensive! I didn’t get the $2 P meat, but I’ll use the Man q and try this brand now.
    Thanks again!!!

    • You’re welcome. The Kentucky Legend is a little expensive, but at least it is 50 cents less per pound than regular price, plus we have the coupon.

      • lol, I think I went over budget with my honey baked ham. Oh well, at least they have a $5.00 coupon on their website!

        • Mmmmm it is so good though (jealous)

          • milissa says:

            It is, plus it will make a million meals. Ham, then mini sandwiches, then ham and bean soup! mmmmmmm

            I don’t even like meat, shhh don’t tell anyone! But I will eat honey baked ham!

          • Honey Baked Ham is not meat. It is heaven.

  5. Marjorie says:

    A pantinliner party and possible broken kneecaps! It doesn’t get any better than that. I love it! Thanks Steve! I was all out of the Carefree liners coupons so I’m glad for the heads up on the coupon reset. Woo hoo!

    • Marjorie says:

      Apparently I’m a dope…pantiliner…can’t type worth a darn!

    • I felt so strange buying pantiliners the first time. There’s just something about us guys and that aisle. But now I’m over it. Anything for a moneymaker ;)

  6. Yeah I went today and the STORE MANAGER at my new store actually tried to tell me I couldn’t stack the green advantage flyer with the manufacturer’s coupon. I quickly informed her she was wrong and she argued with me that I was using $11 worth of coupons for $5.16 worth of products. I said “Yeah so? Its your policy that says I can stack and I am following the rules of the coupons.” I just always get the ones that argue with me :(

    • Tip: If your store gives you grief over cash back, buy a gift card large enough to keep your balance positive. Then use the gift card to pay your out of pocket expense on weeks that aren’t as lucrative. A lot of times your overage will fly under the radar of a cashier or manager that doesn’t want to follow the rules.

      I would also contact Publix corporate about the matter, either by email, phone or Facebook.

      • Well I didn’t really get cash back because I also bought qtips and diapers and allegra

  7. Thanks Steve, Awesome Trip!

  8. Just so you know my Publix’s would call police on you.

    #1. They would say coupon fraud for using three coupons on the ham.
    #2. They would say theft in the store for taking hang tags off of any item. (they say the cashier is to take hang tag off after she rings the purchase.

    Just so you know.

    • LOL. What was the third coupon? The Sweetbay competitor on the total order? Sounds like you need a new Publix ;)