Colgate-Palmolive Rebate Gamechanger – Consider postponing certain purchases until Monday 1/30. Here’s why:

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There is a brand new rebate form in my Smartsource newspaper insert today. It is for a $5 mail-in rebate when you buy $10 of “Colgate-Palmolive” products. Qualifying products include: Colgate, Palmolive, Lady Speed Stick, Irish Spring, Suavitel, Fabuloso, Caprice, Speed Stick, Ajax and Softsoap.

Note that many of these products are part of hot deals at drugstores starting today, 1/29. (Colgate, Speed Stick, Lady Speed Stick, Irish Spring and Softsoap come to mind.)

You may want to postpone your purchases because the rebate form has conflicting language. It says the offer is valid from 1/29-3/15, but in another spot it says that the purchases must be made between 1/30 and 3/15. This rebate makes tons of deals into moneymakers. Irish Spring is a moneymaker at CVS, instead of $1 per bottle. Speed Stick becomes a $5 moneymaker at CVS or a $4 moneymaker at Walgreens. Colgate becomes a $2 moneymaker at CVS. I could probably even come up with a few more scenarios of killer deals after mail-in rebates.

Check to see if your Smartsource has this form. If so, consider holding off on those purchases for one more day. Then use our scenarios and factor in the fact that you can get $5 back via mail-in rebate. There are so many great scenarios, I think it’s unlikely you’ll pass on this deal.

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  1. Steve,
    I have done rebates with conflicting dates and although the starting date of the offer is 1/29, receipts must be dated 1/30. They may get kicked back with the 1/29 dates. I lost out on only one that had the date prior to printed date for rebate, but why take a chance after purchasing for that specific MM? I usually wait until the date and hope there is product left on the shelves to do the rebate as well.

    • I think it’s wise to wait. If you’re going to do the deal more than once, like the CVS offers with a limit of two deals, I don’t think it would be a bad idea to pick one up today if you’re out and you want the product, even if you don’t get the full moneymaker.

      But if you only need to do the deal once, wait. That’s my advice :)

      • hi steve,
        just noticed on rebate form that it states “not valid in combination with any other offer” does this mean that we cant use q’s, eb or rr?

        • No, it means you can’t do something like go to Publix and do the Kimberly-Clark rebate that includes Colgate products and submit for both deals with the same purchase.

  2. Hi steve! Is there a limit per household?

    • “Limit one rebate request per person or per household address (except where prohibited).”

  3. Well, just as I predicted to hubby last night, our fliers didn’t have this rebate in it.

    Do you know if it can be found online to download? Yes, I already checked ebay and it’s on there for a starting bid of 99cents w/ free shipping, but of course, it still has six days until it closes. However, if I could get it for 99 cents, my rebate would only be $4…..but I can guarantee that the form will go for much more!

    Thanks for all you do to have such an amazing site!!!

  4. Can not wait to see your deals post for the money maker, as I will be heading out to copy you too :). Thanks Steve

  5. I’ve never done a rebate before.


    Can you use coupons with this rebate (I didn’t see where it specifically said no, but it does say “not valid in combination with any other offer” so I didn’t know. Also if so will they honor the rebate if my store doubles the coupon?


    • Yes you can use coupons. You need the prices that the items ring up for to be at least the required amount. What you pay at the end does not matter.

      Not valid with any other offer means you can’t do one transaction and get two copies of the receipt and submit to two different offers. For example, if that was allowed, Publix shoppers could buy a ton of Colgate and submit for the $10 Publix Gift Card for the Kimberly-Clark promotion and do the Colgate-Palmolive deal with the same items.

      Also, coupon doubling should not matter.

      • Hence the reason they always require the original receipt. I’d never even thought about that.

        THANKS ALOT!

  6. If you happen to have extra of the rebate form can you send one to me as well.

  7. Check your Sunday 1/29 Red Plum for a HOT rebate from Pfizer: Receive $10 MIR when you buy 3 participating products! Thermacare at CVS works with this super well!

  8. Could i also have this rebate form if you have any extra since we don’t get them in our SS please. I would be greatly appreciated. By the way, loves your helpful to me!

  9. Alicia D. R. says:

    The rebate actually states “Offer valid 1/29/12-3/15/12”, purchase products “in the same transaction between 1/30/2012 and 3/15/12”, and to submit your “register receipt dated between 1/29/12 and 3/15/12”
    I made my purchase today and plan to submit it using today’s reciept, this is why:
    The date 1/29/12 is stated twice and both times it is stated it is in BOLD print.
    The one time that the 1/30/12 date shows up is not in bold and is probably just a typo. If it were one of each date, both written in the same manner, I’d probably have waited… But the 29th appears twice and is obviously in bold print for a reason.

    Also, some CVS systems are taking off $3.99 for each BOGO coupon on the SpeedStick, if your CVS does this you’ve potentially got a $6 money maker in store as the total will come to ZERO, plus an additional $5 on the rebate…. A total of $11 money maker!! This happened to me today but I didn’t realize until after I left the store because it was part of a larger transaction, the first 2 coupons came off at $3.99 and the computer prompted the cashier to adjust the last one to $3.96. I had 6 products and 3 BOGO coupons, so I was within the coupon policy’s requirements… so I didn’t think to actually watch and see how much was being taken off, plus it’s kind of hard to watch every single coupon with a two year old with you!

  10. Today, for the first time ever, I bought the Sunday Newspaper looking forward to doing both the $5.00 Colgate-Palmolive and the $10 Pfizer Rebates.

    I looked high and low and it doesn’t seem like my paper had any of the forms. I’m so lucky…. NOT!

    It is really frustrating…

    I’m in Augusta, GA. Does anyone know if the rebate offers are supposed to be regional?

    If anyone could send me an extra one of each rebate I’d appreciate! I have the $10/1 Enfamil coupons and also some $0.50/1 Planters Peanut Butter to trade with you. The PB coupons say “military” on them, but they are regular manufacturer coupons and will double.


    • forgot to eave my email address:

    • Hi Elaine,

      While I would love for someone to put your $10/1 Enfamil coupon to good use, I strongly advise you not to send internet printable coupons to strangers. That coupon has coding in it that ties it to you and your computer. If someone makes copies and uses them, they could come after you for distributing it. Be very careful about circulating printed coupons.


      • oh… thanks for the advice, Steve!

        So everybody please, disregard the Enfamil coupons… but I can still offer you the PB coupons in exchange for both rebate forms.

        • You’re welcome! By the way, I think there is almost zero percent chance somebody would do that to you, but it’s just not worth the risk.

  11. Margaret B says:

    Funny…i just assumed the form would be in mine since it was in yours..oh well..i guess they figured the Kimberly Clark one at Publix was enough for me…lol :)

  12. Bust. Not one in mine either. If anyone has one to spare, please let me know-! Thankee :)

  13. Do I have to actually cut the UPC’s and mail them? That’s hard to do on bodywash!! Or can I just write them on something and mail them–I didn’t understand the wording on my rebate form…

    Also, I didn’t get the BOGO Speedstick coupons, I’m so disappointed…

    • Alicia D. R. says:

      I was wondering the same thing, the wording was a little odd when it involved the UPC information.

    • did you find out the answer to your question? i’ve been asking the same question in blogs but no one has gotten back to me yet…

  14. azal idris says:

    I purchased 4 sunday paper and i didnt get the rebate form. Is it regional?

  15. azal idris says:

    If anybody have an extra rebate form and wont mind sharing please e-mail me at:

  16. i also did not receive the colgate rebate in my ss insert today :( if anyone has an extra they are willing to part with i would love to have one :) i have pfizer rebates, $5/1 purina mqs, $5/1 similac mqs, and lots more to trade!!

  17. Hi Steve!
    We did not get the Colgate Palmolive Rebate here in Cape Coral – instead we got a Mail-in Rebate for Prevacid (Buy one – get one free after rebate)

    Also we did not get the P&G Insert – first I checked at the Walmart and went thru a couple of papers – nothing then later on I went to a Publix and checked several newspapers, including one for the Naples area and absolutely nothing!!

  18. Does anyone any an extra MIR? Ours didn’t have it. Thanks!

  19. I didn’t get this in my newspaper…does anyone have an extra? please email me at Thanks!!

  20. I didn’t get the form in my ss insert either. Would anyone like to trade an extra one ? Let me know if there are any coupons you are after. I was looking forward to this one because I buy the colgate optic white regardless. It’s my favorite toothpaste. Thanks !!!!!!

  21. ooops. thought my email would post too.

  22. i missed out on the Colgate $5 rebate in my SS, so would love to trade if someone’s got an extra. i have extra Pfizer rebate slips, and plenty of other q’s to trade. thanks so much!

  23. Candie W. says:

    I have 2 rebates that I will not be using if anyone wants them. I will happily put them in the mail tomorrow. First come first serve basis ^_^
    Email me at

  24. I’ve got a couple of extra $10 MIR Pfizer rebate forms. Will be happy to trade for the $5 MIR Colgate. Email me, Thanks!

  25. I didn’t get the Pfizer or the Colgate rebates. :( I was really hoping for those, too. I can trade with someone if you have any extras. Let me know what you are looking for?? Thanks

  26. I would love the Pfizer and Colgate rebates. Willing to send you something in return. Thanks! Email me at

  27. dana price says:

    I have 6 mir for the $5 colgate/polmolive. Send me a email the first 6 gets them:)

  28. I didn’t get the mir ( I live in san diego ca) How can I get one?

  29. I did not receive the rebate form here in Tallahassee. Does anyone know where I can get one? Thank you!!

  30. I wasn’t lucky enough to receive either rebate. If anyone has an extra of both I would really appreciate it.I have some extra hershey aerated buy one get one coupons to trade. thanks :)

  31. If anyone has extra colgate MIR…I would be happy to trade for the mail in rebate on Advil, etc. Please email

  32. Hi.
    I will like to get any of the rebates forms, I have some dog or cat food coupons…. To trade.
    My email:

  33. Please e-mail me at if you have an extra Colgate/Palmolive Rebate Form. Of course, I am happy to trade.

  34. Does anyone have an extra rebate form I could buy? or trade for? pleae email me at


  35. Hello.. if anyone has an extra colgate rebate I would love to get one please :) .. thanks.

  36. I’m also looking for a Colgate-Palmolive rebate form. I’ve got a couple Pfizer rebate forms if anyone wants to trade. Please email me at Thanks! :)

  37. would love to get a rebate from Pfizer in exchange for whatever you want and i have. my email is :)

  38. Hi Steve,

    Love your site! Quick Question: The Colgate-Palmolive states to mail the recepit “with the price circled and UPC information from the Colgate Palm olive packages”. I see no mention of UPCs anywhere else on the form. Does this need they need to cut and included? I bought all deodorant and those are no fun getting off! I’m confused!

  39. Anyone have any extra 2 rebate forms? One for myself & another for my sister.. I have a bundle of coupons/rebate forms if you want to trade.. Email me :)!
    Super Thanks!

  40. I did not get any of the MIRS—colgate or Pfizer. Does anyone have extras of those. Would appreciate it a lot. my email is Thanks.

  41. Hi! If anyone has an extra colgate form, i would trade coupons for them! I would really appreciate it! U can email me at thanks a bunch!

  42. Beths1130 says:

    If anyone has an extra rebate, I would really appreciate one! You can email me at

    Thank you!