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Kathy wrote:
“Are there certain things I should be looking for in coupons that would make them potential moneymakers? I have noticed one thing in common so far and that’s when no size is specified or when it doesn’t include trial size?”

The Couponaholic says:
You are right about size restrictions. When a coupon has no size specifications, that’s a good indicator that you might be able to find a moneymaker scenario, although that’s not always the case.

The best way to find moneymaker scenarios is to be on the lookout for when the stars line up for a deal, and it’s not always easy to predict when that will happen. Here are the characteristics you are looking for: high value coupons, opportunities to stack coupons (a store coupon plus a manufacturer coupon), and a great sale. When two or more of these factors line up, you have a great chance to score cheap or free products, some of which will be moneymakers.

That said, I wouldn’t obsess about the moneymakers. Realistically, it is hard to repeat moneymaker deals enough to reliably make a lot of money. You can, however, repeat the occasional moneymaker deal enough times to defray your overall bill substantially.

Kathy also wrote:
“Do you recommend taking a couponing class?”

The Couponaholic says:
Every person is different. Some people are really good at researching and studying independently, while others learn more when interacting with people in a “class” type of atmosphere.

My couponing skills are entirely self-taught with the help of many of the great couponing sites that came long before mine. Lucky for me, I am gifted at mathematics and good with spreadsheet tools like Microsoft Excel; however, others might need some practice and explanation to understand things better. Others may benefit from having an experienced couponer available who can answer their questions as they attempt to tackle complex shopping scenarios. It really just depends on the person.

So if you’re catching on quickly, you will probably learn the ropes well on your own in due time. If not, perhaps taking a class will help you on your way sooner.

Stephanie wrote:
“I can never find the peelies for anything, except biscuits…but I see “peelie” referenced a lot…I would like to be able to know what products offer what coupons, whether it’s blinkie, peelie, newspaper only, etc.” She also asked, “Do you find the peelie on the products themselves or on another product?”

The Couponaholic says:
It is possible that the peelies you see listed on coupon matchups are very old. They may be listed as a reminder to people who bought those products some time ago and received the peelie but didn’t use it at that time.

For example, a few months ago there was a BOGO on Resolve at Publix and the products had $0.65/1 peelies on them at many stores. I used those peelies because they were more valuable than the $0.50/1 coupons I intended to use on the sale; however, people who shop at Publix stores that double coupons were better off using the $0.50/1 newspaper coupons that doubled to $1.00. As a result, they left the store with peelies they could use in the future. Another scenario is when a product has a peelie coupon that offers a discount on buying two or more of a product. If you bought two and the peelie was $0.50/2, you only had to take the peelie off of one product at the store. The other peelie coupon went home with you.

Over time you will find that most products have coupons, however you will find them in different forms at different times. Sometimes there will be peelies, while other times you will find newspaper coupons, printable coupons, coupons in magazines, store booklets, direct mail, etc. Just keep your eye out for coupons and if you can’t find them for the products you really like, write the manufacturer an email. The worst they can do is tell you they’re not giving you anything.

As for your final question…it varies. Usually you will find the peelie coupon on the product that has the discount, however you will occasionally find some cross-marketing where a manufacturer of multiple products (ex. Kraft) may offer an enticement on the packaging for one product to get you to buy another. In the Kraft example, there were reports of Velveeta Shells & Cheese peelies on Kraft Barbecue Sauce a few months ago. Yet the most common peelie scenario is when you find the peelie on the actual product they are enticing you to buy.

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